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When you select "Process Payment," you agree that you represent a school and its education abroad and/or risk management offices. Businesses or Corporations, or business travelers, are exempt from this Trial Membership. You agree to allow ASIRT to charge your credit card for 2 payments of equal value. The first payment for Trial Membership will be immediate, and the second payment, entitling you to Full Membership Status for the remainder of the year, will automatically occur 6 months from today. You agree that if you discontinue membership, you will notify before the 5th month of Trial Membership expires. You must receive written confirmation from ASIRT that your membership is voided.

NOTE: You agree that you, the organization you represent, and its constituents immediately will discontinue to use any portion of ASIRT's reports. Should you attain Full Membership Status, ASIRT will provide access to additional road safety resources for use during the remainder of the year.