Friends Foundation Medical Office Building Naming Rights Campaign 
benefitting Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital

Naming Rights Opportunities: In addition to the options below, other naming opportunities include: Nurses Stations ($10,000); Conference Room ($25,000); Clinic Waiting Area ($50,000); Courtyard ($75,000); Medical Surgical Unit ($100,000); and Medical Office Building ($500,000). Please call Holli Ledbetter directly if interested in these naming rights (573-883-7725).

Please include names for whom the following will be named in the comment box below.

4x8 Courtyard Brick - $150.00

12x12 Courtyard Brick - $250.00

Bench - $500.00

Artwork - $1,000.00

Medical Surgical Patient Room - $2,500.00

Medical Office Exam Room - $2,500.00

Physical Therapy Room - $5,000.00

Respiratory Therapy Room - $5,000.00

Date: 09/17/21
4x8 Courtyard Brick - $150: Quantity
12x12 Courtyard Brick - $250: Quantity
Bench - $500: Quantity
Artwork - $1,000: Quantity
Medical Surgical Patient Room - $2,500: Quantity
Medical Office Exam Room - $2,500: Quantity
Physical Therapy Room - $5,000: Quantity
Respiratory Therapy Room - $5,000: Quantity
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